Domestic violence by husband n relative

Hi, My husband and his family member use to beat me continuously mainly for money and keep accusing me for not working this and that. I asked my mom to come and visit me, so my mom came there but they again insulted and start beating me and my mom and throw us out of house. As we are scared we call police and they took us to police station. There my mom gave a written complain that these family members beat my daughter in front of me and she mentioned that she want to take her home town i.e. Patna for her safety from banglore. As I was not in condition to deliver any story my mom just register a case as domestic violence thats it. Now I want to lodge a complain in my home town i.e Patna against them for dowry with my whole story and whoever involved in harassing me. So how should I proceed as complain given by mom already reached to court and they have filed anticipatory bail. I can't fight any case in Banglore as I have no place to stay and I will be in constant danger of them. Apart from that earlier I thought I would had spend my life as housewife but now I would like to continue my study as I don't know what would be the outcome of any of these cases. please suggest me the best possible ways to fight this case in my homwtown keeping in mind that my Mom already filed a case against them but that just explains the domestic violence happens with me.She didnt mentioned any dowry related words.