Need help

We have filed a case against person who promised me and my brother for a govt. job in return asked us for 8.5 lakhs and given us 2 cheques , one for 2 lakhs and other for 3 lakhs Now when the person had refused us to pay our money back we have used both cheques and filed case against him We have lost one case - 2 lakh cheque amount due to following reasons 1.the fraud person said they does not stay on the mentioned address providing a proof of ration with his second wife 2.Our first lawyer was later come to know comes close relation with this fraud person so we dropped him so that lawyer helped this fraud person with a chit in which they themself had some calculations written on the back of cheque cancellation memo 3. this cancellation memo does not clearly state reason , it was just mentioned other reasons - 04 4. They also pointed us why my brother have not filled case in his city , why he came at my city and filled case with me 5. When my brother was asked to give a proof of transaction of 2 lakh he said that he has taken that from his father but there no proof in father's ITR Is there any way we can file appeal and any other thing which can bring this case back in our favor?