False Legations against husband and his distant relatives.

Dear Sir, My daughter in law is an illiterate lady presented her self at the time of marriage that she is a post graduate. Marriage was consummated through the matrimonial site. Marriage was organised in Bhopal, MP in very simple ceremony during the day time. After the marriage we have come to know that she has not passed even her 10th class. My son filed a annulment case U/s 12 of HMA to annulled the marriage on 19.02.2014. We have also filed a case U/s 420 against her and her family because they given all the false information to us about them. After about 3 months of the marriage her mother came to Delhi and asked for Rs. 4.. Lacs on loan basis. I had paid an account payee cheque of Rs. 2.00 lacs to her and the same has been presented in PNB Bhopal. I had also filed a recovery suit of Rs. 2.00 lacs during Feb, 2014. After our various cases she had filed a FIR U/s 498a, 354 against me and some distant relatives has been covered in FIR because of I have no family member in my family except me and my son. I have made various complaints against my daughter in law in the local police station because she was threatening us every day because of we have no any female member in my family. We have (me and my son) already passed 4 days in Bhopal jail and got bail on fourth day. I want to know whether distant relatives like aunt from maternal side of my son and 2 aunts from our side can be discharged by the Hon'ble High Court of MP or not. What is the possibility for these distant relatives as we have moved an application U/s 482 to quashing the allegations against aunt from the maternal side and her unmarried daughter. Kindly advice me. Sanjeev Sharma