Bonafide Use

I bought a shop on Pagri basis 25 years back in a building but do not have a receipt of that. In year 2010 the owner of the building sold it to a builder mafia who now has filed eviction petition for bonafide use as the shop is on a prime location. In the petition he has annexed the sale deed with self prepared site map and not the one which was there at the time of registration. Though the site map annexed is a bit different but in that also area of the shop is not mentioned. The total land area covered by the building is nearly 50% more than the land mentioned in the sale deed. Nearly 100% of the land mentioned in the sale deed is covered by my shop only including the walls and whereas there is one more shop adjoining my shop means the total land covered by both shops is much more than the land area mentioned in the sale deed. Kindly advise me as to what should I do and whether the Hon'ble Court can ask me to handover my adverse possession of area to him as he is saying one shop without providing area details. Also please let me know if there is any judgement which I can cite at the time of arguments for Leave To Defend