Demanding for additional Dowry.

Dear Sir/Madam, i got married 7 years ago as an arranged marriage, i am short, fatty and fair colour, at the time of marriage my parents offered 4 acrs of land, gold and some cash as dowry .04 acrs land was registered in my name . we got 02 kids. now my husband is demanding for additional dowry for which he leaved me and my kids at home and he stays with his mother house, occasionally he is coming and going , i asked him why are you doing like that, then he expressed, i want additional dowry because i married you(he is commenting on my beauty and physical appearance) until unless to get additional dowry, i will not come to home and live with you, my parents decided not to agree his demands because once we entertain his demands , he will repeat the same whenever he wants money, because my parents also tired to fulfill his demands. he is black mailing me that i will diverse you and put a case in court against you because you have property, court will give judgement to share some money because i am not having any source of money to live, in fact he is doing finance business and have some land in his name and her mother name. I am not bother about diverse, my worry is only for my kids future. Please advise how to deal with him and as well as legally if require.