Whether to file annulment of marriage

Marriage done on march 2016. car was gifted on shagun before one day of marriage by girl parents in front of all relatives of mine and her. we never asked for it but accepted as on shagun usually girl's parent give gift. after marriage came to know car was in girl name and loan is paid by her as she is working. our objection: it was gifted by girls parent so loan must be paid by her parents and they never consulted us before doing this. also before marriage i told to her and girls parents she may or may not work after marriage as per as our situations because my mother health not good. after our objections they agree to pay loan but they have not payed yet and after asking they are now refusing. also after asking girl her account statement she leaves home and went to her home. even we got news that her parents refuse to pay money of food caterer. there are also lot's of incompatible issues with her and due to this her parents only blames me and say you destroyed our girl life. she is in her home since 2 months. what should i do.