If an Criminal Petition Allowed on wrong grounds can be reviewed

I would appreciate if any of you learned Gentlemen/Ladies would be kind to give your opinion on this issue of mine. A criminal Petition under Section 482 of Cr.P.C was filed by 4 accused (Accused No.1 private Party , Accused No.2 Elected Peoples Representative from a Cantonment, Accused No.3 and 4 Engineers a Cantonment Board). The Order was passed by the High Court Judge, allowing the Criminal Petition in case of Accused 2 to 4, stating the following " However , so far as other accuse persons who are the Ward Member and the Assistant Engineer since retired from service for their inaction to remove the unlawful construction concerned it is difficult to attribute criminal negligence on their part:. Accordingly and in the result the Criminal Petition is dismissed so far as A.1, however the Criminal Petition is allowed so far as the other petitioners A2 to A.4 concerned". Now the question is that the A2 at the time of filing of the Criminal Petition was the elected Peoples representative and the A3, A4 were engineer of the Cantonment Board. The Justice mentioned that A2 to A43 since retired, Fact is that A3 and A4 are still in Service as per the RTI reply obtained after the judgment/Order, and A2 contested the Elections and lost the elections. Question is that, if I have the option of getting the Judgment/Order reviewed in the Same high Court or do I need to file an SLP in the Supreme Court. I do not want to file an SLP as I do not have the funds, but definitely would want to question the Honorable Judges Wrong Order.