Blackmailing and harassing a girl through inappropriate pictures

Hello Sir, Directly coming to the point:- 1. One of my friend (She) had a relationship with one Guy (He), but now they broke up with each other. 2. During those period they had establish physical relationship with each other 2 to 3 times, and the Guy (He) also has some inappropriate photos (Semi nude photos) of her taken during that period. 3. But now He use to Blackmail the Girl through those pictures, telling "He will show it to every body and her Family too " if she will not act according to him and harassing and torture her continuously from last 3 months. 4. As you know Sir, we belong to a simple middle class family and no body wants that these incidents will revel to others and to the Parents.Parents are not aware of that right now and we do not want that Girl's parent will about all these things. 5. My Question here is that: Is that any legal way to stop that guy without reveling the Girl's name (so that their parents will not involve in this activity) as we want to make the Girl's name hidden so that it will not going to effect her future? Please Sir help me in this regard and give me a way to do something for her as a friend as a human. I am waiting impatiently for your valuable response sir. I know Sir SHE had done a mistake but everybody should get at least one change in LIFE to make things right and she suffered a lot sir mentally and physically both.