Dowry and mental harrassment

7 months of my marriage have passed.15laks cash ,jewellery Nd gfts were taken as dowry by my in-laws.aftr that my mother in law NS sister in-law ask cash,gfts Nd present time by mother in-law use abusive language for me Nd my family,I used to do all the household work alone,my sister in-law who is married BT live maximum in my house and interfere in my house .my mother in-law tells lies to my husband that I used to talked upto2 am in night.she try to make my husband in against of me.both mother Nd sister in-law threaten me for separation from my husband.not provide proper medicle facility Nd basic diet to me when I was not well.both always taunts me eg u bring only 3 sarees ,etc My husband lives in other city bcz of his job .he totally blvs on his mother,this time he said to me characterless on the provocation of his mothrr. Also said that Mumy don't bring her home his mother also supports him.when he came by taking leaves he used to spend maximum time in his sister's home.I am mentally disturb by their day to day demands,abusive language,insult.what should. I have to do right now I m in my home town Nd my in-laws are in other city