Domestic violence

My Husband and his Family Originally hail from Surinam and they are Netherland citizens. I met him in Agra during my Job and we got married four years ago. After nine months of long procedure I got EU visa and I moved to Germany to my husband. His behaviour was totally changed and he was physically abusive every day. I always tolerated him and thought that he would change sometimes. His Sister In law once disclosed his past that My husband spent Three months in Jail and his Ex-Girlfriend Also left him due to his violent behaviour to her. I was still waiting if situations might improve as that was unknown country and I was very far from my family and had no one to help me. He turned out to be very violent and if i confronted, In the middle of the cold nights i was thrown out of house. I had no choice left but wait. His family also said that it's our problem and they can not help since they have their own life. I was left with no money and he was not in favour of my job. My father is a heart patient and have a younger brother and widow elder sister. I never wanted to be a burden on my father since he was already taking care of my elder widow sister and her kids. I still had to disclose the fact of my situation and I came to india. He contacted many times and assured me to give me a better life and i flew to Germany while there was no change in his behaviour. He was very happy when I had miscarriage due to stress and situation. I joined last year I joined a school to learn German language and met some friends and my 65 year old Teacher. I told my story to one of my German Friend and she discussed with other people and suggested me to seek for legal help. After some times I was beaten In a restaurant by him and Police was called and Police told me to stay for some times with friends and he was warned. Next day he visited home and again hit me and I called police. Some officers were disappointed seeing me at the same house. I disclosed that I have no relatives and not possible to stay with any friend. Police Lodged my complaint and asked him to stay 700 meters away from the house we live at. I was given a lawyer and he was asked to pay rent and take care of all needs legally. He and his family convinced me to remove the complaint against him which i did the same. Seven months ago I flew to india and last month he called me and said that police and his landlord and other people are saying that he has killed his wife and being questioned by police. I denied coming back to Germany so he started threatening me that the way he had a phone call from Netherland embassy to get my Visa approved, In the same way he would ask Embassy again and Police would come from Embassy and would jail me and my parents. He booked me a ticket to Germany and I flew to Germany. My friends suggested me not to be scarred and contact my Lawyer there. SHe assured me to get a Divorce from him. I do not want live with him anymore. My German friends just suggested me to check if India has any law where he can also be put in his limit. If I would have some Idea I would be firm now to keep him in his limites. I am not dying for any compensation from him just want to get rid of this psycho. I have German card which is good for Five years and I can get that renewed and live on my own. I can earn by working in restaurants since do not want to be a burden on my Family. I am from very small Town and Divorce Women become mockery which i faced in last six months. Looking for suggestions and I would be so thankful to you all. Regards Neetu Shrivastav