Dowry, Domestic Violence, Misappropriation of property

Hi, My name is Nisha Garg. I got married to Arun Mittal on 2nd feb 2012. After marriage, his parents harassed me for dowry. Even my husband father in written admitted that he took money and jewelry from my family. I came to US on 13th feb 2012 with my husband. My Husband, Arun Mittal harassed me physically and mentally for 4 years. My family tried to make him understand not to harass me and abuse me. but he did not. I delivered the baby boy on 23rd feb 2016. When I got pregnant, they tried every possible way to know the gender and get it aborted if it is a baby girl. After the baby is born, he tried to kill my baby who was only 6 days old only at that time. during whole pregnancy, he beat me, abused me. I thought he will be alright after baby is born. Everything he did upon insistence from his family. After he tried to kill the baby, I left the US on 25 April, 2016 and arrived in India with return ticket on 3rd September thinking a gap will cool down his mind but nothing worked. Meanwhile on 24 July, he came to India. Upon his father saying, he called me and said I am dumping you and baby, I have left job and US and he has thrown all my stuff (Gold jewelry, clothes, baby stuff). Also, we have a house in US jointly owned by us. To verify, what he is saying, I went to US on 29Aug and tried to open the lock of my house. He changed every lock of my house and placed tenant in my house. I did not found any of my and baby stuff there. In India, he is threatening to kill me and my family. His father is saying- I am going to get married my son within 6 months with a girl who will bring more dowry than you. I tried to reconcile with him but all in vain. he thinks that he is a boy and upon his parents saying - he refused to talk instead. Neither he is providing monetary support for me nor for my child. What should I do? Please suggest some legal action? Thank you, Nisha Garg