Application/ interpretation of WARRANTY in substandard product

I had purchased a wooden-like material wardrobe for Rs 14400/- in cash from M/s Estillo Furniture, in late Dec14. `Warranty for 5 yrs on polish and joints' were given in the Order/Dely form. No formal invoice/warranty card was given, despite several f/ups against the T&C of the Order/Dely form. Then, in Feb15 itself, some whitish powder marks were noticed in 1-2 places. This was complained verbally, but O.P said when it grows more treatment will be done. The whitish marks turned severely fungal by end Jun15; and complaint was forced to be taken in mid-July15 with docket no. This was attended in late Aug15, after f/ups only. The technician however told that the fungal treatment is only temporary. However, within a week, it again resurfaced, and this time there was no other way other than to ask for refund of my money from the O.P with suitable compensation for fungal infection in our costly clothes stored till early Jun15 in the wardrobe. They declined. Complaint was lodged at concerned CA & FBP, Baruipur on 5/9/15, which they called both parties on 4/1/16 only for mediation. It failed. Then I complained to District consumer forum (Kolkata-III) Alipure on 29/1/16 as per case CC/35/2016. After, all the heckle, the fine prints have been disregarded by CDF, and judgement dt 1/9/16 has NOT been delivered in my favour on the ground that warranty clause doesnot cover fungus. Also there is no dampness of wall near wardrobe, as alleged. Further, I had elaborately argued that without affecting polish fungus can't grow, and this inherent latent defect amounts to total substandard product, gross deficiency in service, cheating, damage to clothes/valuables stored by O.P, which has been disregarded, thus denying me- my genuine and legitimate rights as a consumer and not protected. The judgement may be seen from the `confonet' site with the above reference. I seek suitable strong advice on the above.