High Court oral order - Quash reversion order

Required since denial of the same would amount to violation of principles of natural justice. Hence, impugned order is quashed for the reasons stated above. Necessary consequences shall follow. Respondent University is directed to act accordingly and take decision on the same within a period of three months from the date of receipt of this order. The petitioner shall be given an opportunity of hearing before passing any orders. RULE is made absolute to the aforesaid extent. High Court oral order date 29.04.16 Uni. received order date 11.5.16 Uni. called for Sunavni 7.6.16 but no any sunavni I submitted reply on dt. 18.6.16 for pay fixation from reversion date and ready forgo interest if within two months Uni. again called for sunavni on dt. 27.7.16 but no any sunavni. I submitted reply same as i submitted on 18.6.16 High court 3 months time limit is over on 11.08.16 my written submission date time limit is over on 18.8.16 Till uni. has not quashed reversion order or any action after completion of time limit What will be legal steps ?