No Parking area provided by the owner.

Sir, I am staying in a rented house last 9 years in Hyderabad, India. In the beginning we were told we can run a beauty parlour at home as a part time for my wife and also we can use the parking right in front of gate outside the building. After few years the owner bought a car and we were asked to remove our car from the parking area. We had to plead the nearby apartment’s to let park the vehicle. soon after we noticed the owner using the entire parking area to dump water bottles for the mineral water supply business, About the beauty parlour, after we occupying the house and displaying the bill board we were asked to remove the board as well close the parlour as its against their religion, I completely understand if its something to with religion, as we respect all the religion, however, the question why were told we can run the parlour before the occupancy? The house were I am staying is an Independent house not an apartment, were there are few shops in the ground, leaving the parking area, and 4 rental portions, two in the ground and 2 in the first floor. as tenants we are left with little parking area inside the premises. Today there was a fight raised by the owner and his two sons for parking one of my brothers bike in the parking area, as he had gone out station, it was informed a day prior to the owner stating the bike will be here just for 2 days as my brother has gone out station and there was no alarm raised by the owner for doing so. Today all of sudden there was an alarm raised that I am supposed to park just one bike in the premise and there was un-parliamentary language used by the owner and his two sons, later the owner also yelled and used obscene language at my in-laws who had come to see my wife as she is unwell, its was a note in capital words given to my wife that "THESE PEOPLE SHOULD NOT COME HERE OFTEN, AS WE HAVE GIVEN THE PREMISE FOR YOUR STAY NOT FOR GUESTS", and there was a warning given by the son if we do not vacant the house by tomorrow they would cut the water supply. Sir, I was about to give police complaint for their act but stopped since we have been seeing each other last 8 years. Please advise what are the steps?