Problematic in-laws move in

I'm a 33-year-old highly educated woman from Delhi. I'm working in an MNC at a very senior post. I got married about 6 years back. Ours was a love and inter-caste marriage. I belong to an Aggarwal family, while husband is a dalit. Husband is the youngest one, with two elder brothers and two elder sisters. When we had got married, one elder brother was married (living separately with wife and kids), one elder sister was married (but had shifted back to parental home after facing problems in marriage), the other elder sister got married just 10 days after our marriage and one elder brother was unmarried. So when I got married, I had both my in-laws, husband, one separated sis-in-law and one unmarried bro-in-law in the family. The whole family (except husband) was uneducated. They expected me to do all the household work and also earn, while my mum-in-law and sis-in-law would issue orders. Their house was in a resettlement colony, with toilet outside the house. I adjusted for one whole year (though my elder bro-in-law's wife had separated just after 4-5 months). After one year, when it got difficult for me, I along with my husband started living in a rental accommodation. Even after living separately, I always helped them whenever needed. When I was expecting, my separated sis-in-law was hospitalised. I used to send food for her and other family members, though in those days, it used to be very difficult for me to even move sometimes. But even during that time, they would leave no opportunity to pass comments on me, if I would miss on something (for example, once I forgot to send fruits for sis-in-law). I was eventually blessed with a girl. She was lucky for us. We bought our own house and shifted there. Towards this time, my unmarried bro-in-law also got married. His wife was also educated and into a government job. In-laws started harassing her too. She started living separately just a month after marriage. My bro-in-law didn't support her. Because of that, now they both are going through divorce. Meanwhile my separated sis-in-law got divorced and married again. So while we were living in our own home with our little daughter, in my in-laws' home, only my mum-in-law, father-in-law and separated bro-in-law were left. Seeing no other option, they cunningly shifted with us. Bro-in-law is still living in that house, but keeps visiting us every weekend. My problem is that I can't live with people who harassed me. Though now they are trying to mend their ways, I just can't trust them. I have a feeling they are after our house.