Entitlement of wages

A complaint is filed by a workman against a Doctor in whose clinic he used to work as a helper(cleaning etc work) since 12 years. One day the workman took his salary and said that he is going on leave for a week and returned after more than 4 moths and after coming he started screaming on clinic staff that they should immediately go back as it was his duty to attend calls and get tea etc. On this instance the clinic staff member asked him to talk to doctor as they were appointed by him. He immediately rushed inside the doctor's chamber where patients were sitting and started screaming that he wants his job back and money of 4 months for which he was on leave. Doctor after the patients left told him that it was him who went on leave and never informed the doctor. Thus because of his irregular, immature and rude behavior he can not take him back or pay him any money. After 1 year the workman filed a complaint before labour court for non payment of wages. The doctor also offered him his employment as a course of settlement but after 2 days of re-employment he again made complaint that he was tortured by the doctor and his staff and no money has been paid by the doctor for 4 months ( as the worker is claiming that he came back after 1 week of leave and had duly worked for 4 month as no payment was made by the doctor for 4 months thus he had to file a complaint) Please advise what should be the take of doctor as he never terminated the worker's employment and also worker never worked for those 4 months. Please advise on urgent basis.