Please guide me

Me and my husband got married in 2008 in arya samaj and got our marriage registered in 10 days and then living separate from in laws since 2008 till sep- oct 2015 but used to visit in laws regularly as relations were ok after some months , as my sister in law got married after us and came back home in some months of marriage after a fight with her husband and since living with her parents and also had a girl child born now 6 + yrs, earning well, . in march 2015 my father in law dies with no will and in july aug 2015 my mother in law told us to construct the semi finished first floor of the house and live there with our 2 kids, but my sister in law objected the same we also spend money to make one room set livable but due to her objection we were not allowed to live in first floor and after arguments between my husband and in laws we were told to stay in a room on ground floor which is already in used by my sister in law and mother in law but to surprise as we were already sharing sharing expenses they suddenly starting harassing us in different forms and are trying to through us out of house as my sister in law intends do sell the property which is registered on my mother in laws name but was purchased by my father in law after selling his individual property in 2001. they are taking local police help stating that we are harassing them my husband misbehaves with them and are trying to get house vacated so we have field a suit of permanent induction and partition in civil court and as they fears of losing the same and my sister in laws intention to sell the same property in going in vain so she had got a complaint filed by my mother in law in DC office under senior citizen and parent act and are making pile of false statements and allegations against us and arguing so much as we have kept them harassing and being violent with them and says that my husband under my influence consume alcohol and misbehave with them every 2 day and they have a threat to their lives till we are at the house so the tribunal should get the house vacated from us please guide us in this matter as they are rushing behind tribunal old age members crying to save them from us as soon as possible as we have a next date on 8th sep 2016. thanks reena