Muslim Property

Hello Everyone Myself Abdul from Patna. Some facts before i ask my question... 1) My Father died 2 years Before My Grandfather Died(1985 and 1987 respectively) 2) My Grandfather had 4 daughters and 3 sons (including my father) 3) Both my uncle permanently settled in USA in my Grandfathers lifetime. 4) Both My Uncles don't have any children. 5)Eldest daughter of my grandfather also got married to NRI and settled in USA. She also died last year and her husband is also no more. her 3 children all got married in USA and never came to INDIA. 6) After the death of my grandfather my grandmother was considered as Family Guardian and her all decision were accepted by all including family members in USA. 7)Before My grandmothers death(1998) she declared (oral will)that all properties(including in grandfathers name) will be distributed among family of her dead son(us) and 3 daughters of her. And the two sons and one daughter in USA will not get anything as they are well settled in USA.All were Happily agree to this. and one house was also divided as per her will and these points were mentioned in distribution paper. 8)In 2003 all family members agreed to give registered power to my BUA,s husband to manage all properties which were in my grandfathers name. In that deed(registered power) its mentioned that we (family of dead son ) are also legal heir of grandfathers property. 9) In 2009 i wanted to sell my share (house which was distributed as per grandmothers will) but My BUA,s objected. so i revoked back the registered power given to BUA,s husband in 2010 and sold my share. this lead to break up in relation with BUAs and Uncles. now i came to know that they are selling out other properties in grandfathers name and when i objected they are saying that i don't have any share in grandfathers properties as my father died before grandfathers death. My question is "Can i Claim Share in my grandfathers property