Hello, My sister was married in feb 2015. The grooms side behaved very decently initially and even after asking for budget refused to discuss on any numbers. But imediately after engagement their demand kept on increasing in the form of gifts and rituals(gold,silver,cash,clothings). We met their demand during that time and marriage happened with a sore note. Their attitude throughout the marriage was not accetable( the typical ladke wale type, acting superior). After the marriage couple went abroad on official trip and mental torture continued there asking for what kind of marriage has been done and demanding expensive gifts(Gold etc.) during all festivals. Apart from these gifts there are lot of abusive language used between them to describe the marriage and relatives of bride side. Very soon we came to know that groom had some accident in past and has a rod inserted in his leg, apart from that he has hearing problem and have kidney problems as well. He also had to undergo major operation for his kidney ailment. All these things were kept secret from us. During June, 2015 bride decided to call off the marriage and came to her parents house but groom started pleading to forgivenss and assured us NOT to repeat the mistake again. On this ground she gave one more chance to her marriage. But after few weeks again the same harresment started and finally she came to visit her parents and explained all issues. During initial days at her parents house they had some telephonic conversation but very soom it was clear to her that this marriage will not work. She was waiting for 6 months of seperation to initiate the process of divorce but in the meanwhile groom side already started the process. We want to uderstand if * Does groom side starting the divorce process makes our case weak in court? * Can we claim alimony? Bride is not working as of now but well educated. * Can we recover gold, gifts and expenses done during marriage? * How much time it takes for divorce? * Can we ask for any punishment for harresment? * What else do we need to take care or consider for divorse process?