Termination on the joining day without any notice.

Hello All, I have a query related to labour laws. I joined a Dubai-based company which is registered in India as a pvt. ltd. and has its offices in Delhi and Coimbatore. They terminated my offer on the very first day of my joining without any notice. I just asked my supervisor that if I can take off a little early(1.5 Hours) on the first day, I don't know if he misunderstood me or what he send me a termination letter after 30 mins and since then nobody in the company is replying to any of my email/texts. I assume they have found someone else to replace me with and that is why they are doing this. In fact after multiple rounds of interviews they released an offer letter and the day I spoke to my manager about resigning my earlier company, the head of the division of the new company called me saying that they want to schedule another level of interview with me. When I told him that I have already spoken to my manager now and I can not stay back in the same company he said he will check with others and after 4 - 5 days he said that its fine now and I can join. I was about to relocate to Delhi to join their office and was working from home for initial few days as agreed with the company earlier. Now I have sold most of personal and home appliances, vehicle etc in Pune so that I could relocate to Delhi easily and notified my landlord that I will vacate my house in next few days and now they have terminated my job and I have nowhere to go. I left a very stable job and turned other offers from big MNCs to join this company and this is how they are treating me. Could someone please suggest me if their ground of termination is genuine or is there any process through which I can file a case against them. I really need your help. Looking forward to your response. Thanks.