Hello all I was married on 24 October 2012. After 4 month of marriage my wife harrased me and went to their parental home that time she was pregnant then after 2 month I will brought back to her my home. After 10 days she again went parental home there my son was born on 25 October,2013. After that we compromise with her on her condition I brought back to home. But after 2 month she called their parents and they threatened me and torture me. They told me that live separate with ur mother. In my family my mother and me and two sisters but both are married before my marriage. I told to my laws and wife I can't live my mother alone because I am only care person of her. Then after few days my wife met with accident she was burn accidentally in kitchen. I treated her in hospital with spent a lot of money. After discharging from hospital she went to their parental home and I went to abroad for earn money. Then she filed contested divorce case against me. After that she and my laws agreed on mutual divorce. But on final hearing or final sign of divorce she refused for divorce and she want to live with me. She cried in court and Said I want to live with u. Then for the future of my child and my marriage life I agreed and I brought her back to my home now after 4 month she called the police and complained me and my mother against dowry and domestic violence that is totally false. She complained me in morning and at evening she complained back.from these day she threatened earns torture me and my mother. Now what I do. I go to women cell or go to court for divorce please suggest me