Hi. i was married in oct 2011.ever since i got married i havent had a smooth relationship with my wife. nor has she been able to build a decent rapport with my family or frnds. i nvr confronted her for that and always thought time wud heel everything. we had a child in oct 2013. i was hoping that would make my life alot easier. but things did not change. she wasnt too concerned about my child either. thus even though she is a house wife we had to arrange for a nanny to take care of my child. our sexual life had gone for a toss too. as i barely even got to touch her. this got me frustrated and during this time i came across a girl who was very sweet. we got into a relationship and also got physically intimate on few occassions. though no one knows anything about this. we dont meet anymore but we stil stay connected through phone. but 3 months ago i accidantaly got a recording on my wifes phone where she was having a conversation with a guy she has known for 4.5 yrs and on call they have confessed about being physically intimate in numerous occasions in my house and also in the presence of my daughter who is less than 3. wen i confronted her about this she did plead guilty but promised to break all ties with that guy and never see him again. but i want to file a divorce now. a) can i use their audio recording which has several confessions as proof b) as she isnt aware about my physical intimacy with another girl, can she file a case and get my call details and prove in court that i too have been physically intimate with another women (unmarried) c) do i have to pay her alimony if her adultery is proved