Arbitration clause in builder buyer agreement

Arbitration clause in builder buyer agreement I have purchased a under construction flat from a builder in Noida. First flat was cancelled by builder due to scrape of respective tower because BBA was not sign. After more effort & complain done by me, then builder booked new flat but taken Rs 06 Lacs extra(Rs 500/- per sq feet extra ).I have put the case in District Consumer for revival the flat in old rate. The Ex party Order of District Consumer in favour of me. Builder gone for appeal in State consumer commission. Now I have paid 95% of money of new flat at new rate, but possession was due from June'14 . But builder has not given possession yet and there is no certainty of possession in coming future also. And quality of flat constructed is also very poor so. When I asked Statements of Account of Flat & i wrote builder for these issue. The builder responded & send a letter(Appointment of Arbitrator ) to Arbitrator Name & copy to me. During this time case was going on District Consumer but decision was pending. they have appointed an arbitrator as per clause of builder buyer agreement and sent me a letter. The clause read as follows : " That all disputes or disagreements arising out of , in connection with or in relation to the allotment which can not be amicably settled , shall be finally decided by arbitration and the sole arbitrator in such a case shall be appointed by the company and arbitral proceeding shall take place as per the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 , or any amendment thereof accordingly." So then after I visited to Arbitrator office and asked about disputs.Every month Arbitrator call me on date but not given actual reason of disputs.Approx after 09 months ,I got a Interest chart alongwith some receipt of Demand Letter. I told to Arbitrator this interest amount are before the signing of Builder Buyer agreement.So it's not applicable on me. Because after numbers of reminder I got a sign copy of Builder Buyer Agreement.The delay part due to Builder side. Without Builder Buyer Agrement sign Bank will not disbrushed the loan amount. I have also submitted prove for this. Then Arbitrator told I will decide case will run future or not. Now more then 01year & 05 months passed but so far Arbitrator not given any decision. Some times Arbitrator say I will be giving Order soon but only harassment are going on. I am totally harassed by builder as well as Arbitrator now. Now my flat is ready but they are not giving me position. So , kindly suggest me how I proceed further on these issue.