Right of property for daughter

My Grand father registered a settlement deed for an old house (125 years old) to my father and mother on 1964 and also written statement in the above document that Rs.1000/- housing loan on the above house tobe short closed by my father and mother. My father and mother settled the above housing loan afterwards. The house is a total plinth area of 1200 sq. feet only. There is no vacant place. My father and mother has got 2 sons and 2 daughters. (Self is younger son) My elder sister got married on 1978. Since my elder sister pressurised for share of above property my father and mother settled some amount to my elder daughter and entered a registered Pacca "General Release Deed" on 1984 at registered office and the same has also witnessed by her elder sister's husband. It is tobe noted that in the General release deed there is no mentioning of above property details and my father and mother having only one of above property and there is no other property on their name. My father has expired on 1987 onwards. After my father demise My mother, elder brother, younger sister has made a registered "Release deed" on me mentioning the above property details in the document on 1991. All revenue records of above property has also been transferred on my name and all taxes has also been paid by me for the past 25 years and the property is in my possession. All the original property documents is in my custody. On 1991 itself I have demolished the above old building and built a new house after getting plan approval from Municipal corporation. I have got Housing from Govt . co-operative Loan society after executed registered morgage deed on 1991 and loan deed has been cleared from loan society after settled the loan on 2001. Subsequently, I have got 2nd and 3rd housing for developmentt of above house from Nationalised bank housing loan section on 2001 and 2005 and the same has been short closed on 2015 after completing EMI On 2013 my elder sister has made a suit to claim on her portion, since General deed does not have any property details. Since my mother expired in the year 2000 she has already 1/2 of property and adding share of her husband works out to 2/3 of the above property. The 4 children has only 1/3 of above property. To calculate the plinth area my mother share is 800 square feet and all children eligible to get 100 square feet each. Whether my elder daughter can claim her portion even though she made a registered general release deed on my parents on 1984 itself.