Indian divorce or Foreign divorce

Dear Sir, I have been married for 9 months now and it is not working out between us. We have been constantly having fights and arguments. My wife constantly harasses me for money and lately our relationship has come to an end. We married according to Islamic law in India and we are currently overseas in Australia. I am currently seeking advise for divorce and looking at options if I file for it in India or in Australia. Our relationship went downhill also because of my mother-in-law's constant interference in our married life. My wife does not want to contribute to the family income as it is opposed in Islamic culture for the girl to use her money for supporting the household as is the case here if you are living in a western culture. If I file for divorce in Australia I will have to split my assets 50/50 as per Australian Legislation and Laws. Will it be the same thing in India? Also, as per Islamic law her parents have asked for a large maher amount that I need to give if a divorce was to take place in our marriage. Although Islamic law is not considered here in Australian legal system will it be better for filing a divorce in India? Another concern with regards to the maher is the amount that is mentioned on 2 different documents. The registered marriage certificate says Rs. 50,000 while the Urdu booklet that is given in the Islamic marriage states Qatari Riyal 50,000 which I had agreed to during our nikaah and has witness signatures as well. What amount will be considered in this situation?