How the husband to protect himself from execution of RCR by wife

Married in 2004 Husband realized wife is not cooperating with him. So separates from wife in Oct 2004. A child (son) was born in 2005. Family re-conciliation proceed till 2006 and fail and wife goes to UK for work without informing husband in 2006. Husband files for divorce on mental cruelty in 2006 in Bangalore. Wife returns from UK & files for RCR in 2006 and HMA24 in Bangalore Wife is working as SW engineer in Bangalore and earning from INR 70000 in 2007 and currently earning INR 170000 in 2016 Family court orders INR4000 to child and INR5000 to wife in 2008. Husbands appeals to HC as she is earning. HC changed the order to INR 9000 pm only for the child (son) in 2009. Not for the wife as she is earning handsome salary. Divorce proceedings was dismissed since arrears of HMA24 was not paid in 2013 Family court increased HMA 24 to INR 12000 pm in 2014 even-though school fees is only INR2500 pm and RCR was passed without costs in favor of wife in Dec 2014 in spite of the submission by husband in person that he does not want to join wife. Husband did not join wife as he is well aware of her non-cooperating & abusive & cunning tactics only for money. Husband is willing to take care of child if the child come to him But wife doesn't allow it and poisoned the child since a very young age against the father and only demands maintenance Husband does not want to pay maintenance to wife while the wife breeds hatred inside the son against the father. Husband does not live in India any more. Husbands comes to know that in 2016 wife files for execution of RCR What options are available to Husband where the Indian legal system is loaded against husbands and only puts pressure against husbands? And steps Husband should take to protect himself from - execution of RCR - reduce the burden of execution of maintenance