How to gain rights to husband's property purchased with my income

I am a married working woman with a son. A land was purchased, registered and mutated in the name of my husband for which more than half of the cost was borne by me from my self-earned money and the rest by my husband. Now we are constructing a house on this land and I would have to give away all my savings which will be more than my husband's contribution. My husband has been providing for financial requirements for his mothers and two widowed sisters, while his other three brothers have no contribution in this respect. My husband has not ever received any money from his parents and has given up the claim for ancestral property. Now I am afraid that in case of death of my husband, his mother gets a share and his brothers will take possession thereafter. My husband is moody and unpredictable in nature and may take some sudden decision relating to the property, which may be harmful for me. This is not acceptable as I have led a tough life to earn this money. My queries are: 1. I would like to add my name to the aforesaid property. Gift deed will be too costly. Is there any other means? 2. What would be the cost of making a will? 3. Is there any other way by which I can establish my right to the property? 4. Will it help in any way if I give the money for construction as a loan to my husband? 5. Is there any way that he has to take my consent regarding any decision relating to the property? Please help. Thanks.