Sir/Mam, Pl Help. I got married 2012 from matrimony site. I am working in a metro city. I had told my income at the time of marriage. Her family was agreed she will work after marriage since in metro city in single source or limited income is less to survive . But after marriage marriage i came to know she does not know computer. But she has professional degree & was working experience certificate. BEFORE marriage i was staying in a village type place so AFTER marriage i stayed there but changed the house. But she was not happy with location. Her cousins are also staying in the same metro city but not visit but sometimes talked to her. But they stared criticizing HER MOTHER ( In fact they had made verification of my Job etc etc ) . She is so lazy she can not work properly . Always my mother , brother , uncles etc etc were doing. Then problems began . She was sitting home IDEL/ LAZY. She has no interest for searching a job even she does not know what is general & Assembly or Municipal election. No brain.. no knowledge. Over the period of time her mother started inter fearing with my life like change the house etc. Her mother & brother had visited that place also. There are many fights also. She goes her mother's place but not my place , always silly excuses etc. But subsequently changed after 2 years when i lost all hopes that she won't work it's my life. Then we came to know her uncle has transferred to this metro & he arranged a job for her. simultaneously she got pregnant even we came to know after 2.5 months.Then MY mother come here. Her & her mother behavior changed started accusing us many ways like insulting , like order to do some work , if i sit & talk to my mother she will irritate & call me from 1 room to another . MY mother is from village she has no habit to sit in the room. She goes park sometimes .Wife started accusing Like whether she eats or not My mom is enjoying in the park.Many acquisitions against my Mom. My mom used to cook in the evening because wife was working & pregnant. On 7 months pregnant she took leave from her office & gone to her home . ( Wife requested me to have delivery at her place due to some emotional reasons ). From 7 months to till delivery many fights like MY Mom reduce the size / weight of child , Like water level reduced she had to take glucose...when she was taking glucose at hospital at 11 PM at night her mother & she called MY mom and telling both me & MY mom is responsible for this & scolding my mom . ONE THING MORE all last four years they used to go to ASTROLOGERS & accusing us . YOU & Your family will see what will happen . You will be ruined , destroyed & many shameful words. Always speaking false/ LIE. Always speaks against my family & relatives . But after delivery a son their abusive nature increased many fold . Always order to do some work. Always back pain , not feeling well etc . INTERESTING things she does not go to doctor . as per her requirement everything near by 5-10 min walk or by rickshaw. If i took her despite many forces she won't take medicines . why? She has no time . She is abide by her mother. Finally AND she used to talk against me & my Family & relatives Even against neighbors. Wife used to say some people have car , some are cooking, some are taking their wives to different places for visit even talking about my neighbor he is going office at 12 etc etc. Me as a loyal employee should go late office due to my baby ...every body knows we have baby so what problem. In silly matters & as per astrologer view quarreling every time . Change the house where i am staying it's not good etc. we are staying there last 2+ years. After having son following abusive behaviors. Every time raising following issue. 1. Her mother threatening me to fill case and take 50% of share of my property including salary but not doing & her mother once told she will call both side for discussion but not doing. 2.Every time wife talking to her mother and telling against me & my family even in front of me. 3.scolding abusive languages like BASTARD Family, Beggar family. 4. Threatening to commit suicide. 5. My son is not mine . Baby is hers. 6. how your younger brother marriage Solemnized. where all expenses comes . His marriage solemnized 3 months before. 7. we ( she has share what my parents are earning from cultivation). My parents have no other source of income. Non of them were working . i m giving some money every month 8. My mother is serving to my younger brother's wife & afraid to her but not to HER( my wife). 9. me & my wife & son staying 2000 Km away from my village where my parents & my younger brother & Co are staying. 10. My mother is keeping money for my brother. 11. My mother is emotionally taking money from me . 12. My mother is breaking my family & telling against her to our relatives. 13. Whatever my mom says for my son she will not obey but if her mom says it's OK . 14. She won't go to my place but will take property share. 15.Pl read law in the net ....she has already consulted with lawyer. 16. Every time she accuse me in all ways in different peoples name . For example : if i say ask somebody how people are living then i ask to my Uncle , Aunt , Neighbor he/she said in her favor... either same day or latter . I have recorded many conversations both her & her Mother after they threaten me to file case as evidence . AND MANY OTHER THINGS. PL HELP.