What are the possible solution related to unwanted tranfer

Respected All, my father is principal at the government school for girls at Chhattisgarh, for his retirement only 4 year left. all of sudden he got transferred 40 KM away from home earlier he was posted in near by school around 1 km distance from home there are some relatives who don't wanted him to be there because there sons and daughters are studying there, during the exam they can not do the cheating because of my father, he will not allow the cheating during exam due to that there sons and daughter got failed 2 times so because of that only they wanted to make my father to go away from that school. they have put the reason for transfer is people are misbehaving with girls and Principal(my father) is also involve in that. now i wanted to know how we can stop this what is the stay order, if we take stay order then did my father will get the salary in that duration or not? how we can resolve this issue. he can not go every day 80 KM. to take revenge my relatives can do physical harm to my father the area which he got transferred is out of city and its jungle area. Please suggest.. Thanks in advance.