Regarding camcellation of arbitrary transfer

Dear Sir/Madam One of my friend was transferred from branch x of state a to branch y of state b on dated [deleted]. He was being relieved on dated [deleted] from branch x. He reached to join branch y of state b on dated [deleted], but he was informed in the branch that he had already been transferred to branch z of state b, in an extreme remote area at a distance of 50 km. Now my question is that whether these types of arbitrary transfer order can be challenged cum cancelled? My friend was being transfrred as a branch head to branch y of state b, that was modified on dated [deleted] without any prior information to my friend as a deputy manager to branch z of state b. In the meantime, on dated [deleted], few persons tried to attacked him at his stay in one prime hotel of the state. Due to security reasons, he did not file an immediate FI R so as to avoid unnecessary threats that could have been arisen? My friend is very much frightened and his family is going through a phase of mental harassment! My friend does not want to joinn that place due to threat of lose of his life. He is having a strong fear in his mind that he may be attacked in the future also. Please advise, what legal actions can be taken so as to help him! Thanks!!