Domestic violence

I got married 1 year 6 months back but had to leave my husband's place within 1 year of our marriage. I am working in government organisation. My husband woking in small private company..he married me only for sake of my money..we are staying in company quatress we dont have our own house for that reason one day he told me that we will purchase land i told i will take loan of 10 lakhs to build a house .. intially he told me he will buy land from his money .. after everything finalised my mother in law told something to him after that his behaviour completely changed.. then he told me that you have to purchase land from your money..i refused him at that time i was not having that much ammount with me.He used to get angry on every silly topic and abused me mentally and emotionally even in front of his or my parents/relatives. In that period i was pregnent.. because of so much tensions i got miscarriage after that i had faced several health issues one day he quarelled with me regarding land purchasing.. then one day in evening he dropped me to my parents house .. after that i tried to contact him many times he dint picked my call Since then we are not in touch with each other. My parents tried to resolve the issues multiple times but his parents always protect him & want me to come f