False Case against my mother , father and brother

Hi All Lawyers, My brothers wife left out of my parents house with my brother 1/2 year back and they were leaving separately. One year back she left my brother also and started leaving with her parents. My brother waited for an year and send a divorce notice to her. ( My mother is housewife age 60, Father - retired teacher age - 69, and brother teacher - 34). After they moved out of my parents house she started demanding all my brothers salary in her hand. My brother took loan from banks to fulfil her demands. She also took brother car to her native and kept there and refused to return it to my brother. Somehow he got it back. In the meanwhile she was pregnant - and without asking my brother , she did abortion in 4th month. After my brothers wife receiving the divorce notice she has sent legal notices (1) Alimony case notice to my brother (2) She sent my notice to my father and mother saying she has been mentally harassed and she has gold of 50 grams with my mother and asking Rs.50,000 and gold ( at the time of marriage we not taken a single rupee from them - all expenses of marriage spent by my family) and on my father same mental harassment asking for 20 Laths and 10,000 every month. My questions - (1) she is not leaving with my parents from more that 1/2 years. She initially was there for 2 months before moved out of my parents house. Can she sent this kind of notice and what is the solution for this? (2) As she did the abortion without my brother's consent, what legal action we can take? (3) Please let us know if we can suit a case for damaging the image in society? (4) Any other legal cases we can suit against her and come out of this mess? Thank you in advance. Regards, Arvind