Hi it is about the situation in my parents home. My brother ' wife left house with 10 months old. It has started or I think it is very pre planned marriage. My brother got married in November 2014. Straight after their marriage my parents went to overseas for 6 months. Everything was OK by then as soon as they came back this has started. She fall pregnant won't do anything around the house. She will not work and always ask for to keep maid for everything. My mother used to cook food for her did her baby shower and after baby did naming ceremony as well. Now when you live in same house you do look after each other. My mother gets upset and ask her to behave, at least clean her room and do normal house work. My Father passed away in February this year and her behaviour has changed. She has been out of control treating my mother as a servent. She doesn't want anyone to keep relationship with my brother. She once filed false complain against my mother. From last two months she is at her parents. Also her elder sister did similar behaviour. She asked a my brother to leave the family home. My brother isn't earning much and my dad bought house on his name to get loan and to get all papers. She is well educated as well. Every time she visit her parents place she will Carry her documents. What are the legal advice if she asks for divorce can my brother get custody of his daughter? Can she claim in my father ' property??