Quashing of sarfaesi aucion

I had taken a Loan from a PSU Bank mortgaging my House (With Photocopies of Original Title Deed) for my Business, however due to circumstances beyond control I failed to repay the Loan and the Bank initiated action under 13(2) and subsequently 13(4) of the SARFAESI Act. I challenged before the DRT, which dismissed the in default. The Bank also filed OA before the DRT. The Bank then initiated auction process and I again challenged the same before DRT (among various grounds, Original Title Deed not submitted, Mortgage Deed not properly registered, without paying required Stamp Duty among others), DRT dismissed the same. I had also taken loan from another Bank on the same property and they too challenged the Auction process at DRT, this time to which the DRT quashed the Auction, on the ground that the Respondent Bank did not File its W/s. The said PSU Bank has again initiated Auction Process without serving fresh 13 (2) or 13(4). What are the available options to me to stop the Auction and on what Grounds?