Sec.12 of The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005

1) I am Vinod & my wife is living with her parents since 4 years & filed Domestic Violence case against me. The case is on process. Only reply is given by myside & mediation has been held but she refused to join me again. 2) She also filed a case u/s 125 Cr P.C. for maintenance. Because I am a Graduate & have neither any permanent job nor own business, but do some freelance work of Graphic Design in few printing presses and earn Rs. 6000 to 7000 per month. My Wife has given in written statement in front of Judge that she neither want to resume this marriage nor want to give Divorce. Only maintenance is her requirement to ruin my life so that I cannot live a normal life. The Court has given decision and ordered me on the bases of Law of Wages Rs 7200/- per month to pay my wife with 2 children living with her parental home because a graduate is earning 12000/- per month. But I am not able to pay the money due to not being in a mental depression. I m giving 3000/- per month regularly. Tell me solution.