In Laws Deserted

Hi All, I am married for eight years with two kids( a son 4 years and Daughter 3 years.). My inlaws have two son and i am married with the elder one. We live in nuclear family nad in laws stays with the younger son and his wife. My concern is that they have forced us to leave that house within 1 year of marriage and now since then we are living in nuclear family , we have no connections with them. Due to their ill behavior and disliking towards me we are not on speaking terms as well. I want to know do my husband husband and their grandchildren have any legal right on their property. Currently they have given everything to their younger son and we are struggling too much because they havent supported us anytime. We are living on rent in gurgaon and financially we are struggling a lot to survive with two small kids. They can always say that we haven't taken care of them and that is y they are expelling us. Which ofcourse is not the truth. i am not concerned about me but i want to know the kids right.