For spoiling my married life

Sir when I my marriage is fixed with a boy after my sister. Starts talking with him she arracted him towards herself and after some day he and I engaged on ceremony I saw him not so happy as he was at the time of fixing our marriage then by text messages on wts app talked with him to know the matter and he said he is feeling attracted towards her than I said him ,then not do this marriage with me,but he turned his words I said him again that I talk to my parents and adviced him also do the same ,and told him that I can't marry him,but on that day I was waiting for my brother who were gone outside of house for buying things for marriage but when both came back to home I showed all the massages to them ,then he asked that he called me and said that he didn't have anything he is just feeling attracted because he has not talked a girl before so pls said her means me to understand this ,my brother make me understand all these than I get ready for the marriage but this matter is not gone in the ear of my fameet r because he was to disturbed before , and than he the becoming husband again talked me and on daily basis several times I tried to know from him whether he is really has something or not or asked several time about are u happy to marry me or not ,but he always replied politely he never asked a word before marriage that he is not ready to marry me or anything else ,on 5th march 2016 he married with me ,and he didn't touched me after few days he left me at my mothers house , and after leaving me by vary betrayel and softly spoke that he is send me there for study because from his house it is not possible , I agreed on this but he has something else in his mind ,he send me at my house and not even for a day come to house for meeting me ,I was shocked than I think a lot I ask a lots of question to him fighted with him on phone because he is not ready to come and talk face to face even abused him because he is not good ,I found some of the fully naked pictures in my sisters mobile send on hike app on whic y husband has an account also both of them continuely talking behind me on phone ,but both telling lies when I ask them one day I found so many picture of both of them , when family get known all of thisthey decided to send me back there but when I backed he always told me to leave him and live because he want to live with my sister and wants to marry her ,always when I tried to talk him ,but when he asked such I got fed and aggressively behaved ,sir both of them lying and must have illegal physical relationship because always the meeting each other and telling lies before every one,and my sister is to bad girl she has a lots of affair before but of kind I can't say ,when my father beats her and asking about all these she is using alligation of lie that I talk before everyone that he raped me and I commit suicide and say by letter to all that you all pressure used me to do this ,she and my husband spoiled my life fully what should I do pls advice me ,because my sister and my husband planned all these trap