Property division issue among seven brothers

Dear Ma'am / Sirs, My grandfather & grandmother property consist of built houses and land, apart from that few ancestral property. My father & uncles are 7 brothers and 2 sisters. All seven brothers are living in grandfathers built houses. Eldest of all brother is no more he has two sons two daughters and his widow. As now my father (eldest of all brothers) wished to divide property among all mutually, they are not coming to any conclusion after sitting for three times because of ego issues and also inputs from their relatives and friends who are trying to provoke not to compromise in any situation, every single time they sat agree and later on deny. Sometimes some even do not come to attend the mutual agreed date for sitting. Few brothers are supporting and few are just ignoring the division of property or just staying silent and as my father has to bear the burns because he is saying to divide the property. Apart from that my uncle (younger than my father) is saying he wont let anyone divide the property. As my father's house is not in well built condition wants to divide all the property and whatever comes to us to built that house properly and get me married. I am single child of my parents and as they are getting old they do not want me suffer in between my father brothers and their sons and to get into these kind of property mess after they are gone. My uncle(younger than my father) among with his three sons and dead elder uncle's two son are creating huge problem. They are not well behaved also sometimes finding my father and mother alone they assault verbally. I am afraid and wonder if the situation gets tensed and it might lead to physical assault too. I work abroad and visit home once in a year i am suppose to visit after 3 months from now for thirty days and want this matter to be solved as soon as possible or else i don't know their plan might be to capture the property in future. We belong to a small district in Jharkhad. Kindly advice & suggest measures i should take along with my father considering above mentioned facts. Your suggestions and advice are highly appreciated.