Final Settlement

I had worked in a company for 9 months. I had served 1 month notice period from July to August. Even they did not transfer my salary of month June. They had told me to prepare all the documents before 15th and settle all the dues on 15th August. I called them on 16th and 17th as it was holiday on 15th but they asked me to come on 18th August. That was also holiday in office(Raskhabandhan) but they called me to come in the evening around 6pm. They had prepared relevant documents on the spot. Neither they provided me experience letter nor appraisal letter.When I asked them they said it is mentioned in your appointment letter that no experience letter will be given to you if you would leave company before 1 year. And for appraisal letter they said "why company give appraisal? To stay in company". That is why we do not give you. Although they gave the experience letter to other employees who had worked just 3 months in this company. They wanted me to sign "No Dues" letter on the spot. But I asked them to take that home to go thoroughly. At home I noticed that there were discrepancies in all the salary slips. I informed them for the same on 19th and asked them to send the update salary slips over mail. They replied me to send revised version of documents and meet them on 30th. Neither they have sent me updated document and now they are saying it will not be possible before Saturday. Saturday is also holiday in this office. I told them that I will not be able to come after Thursday so please send me updated documents today(30th August) so that I will collect them on Wednesday or Thursday. My Boss replied that I am not in Delhi on Wednesday or Thursday. So I asked him to finish it today. He replied "We have other much more important things to take care of instead of working at your convenience. It will not be done today and it can not be done before Saturday whether you like it or not. So better stop acting like a amateur and take responsibility for your decisions. Things not always work at your whims and fancies!" HR of this company is sister of my Boss and only visits company once in a couple of months that also just for 1 or 2 hours. He does not want to settle it without her sister. Because of her sister he is delaying this settlement. Please suggest me what should I do?