Dowry harassment

Sir I had issues with my husband and his family members , in many occasions they have assaulted me, once he crushed my neck whereas I happened to undergo treatment for 2 weeks, I have doctor prescription and bills for that, jus to keep going the marital life , later send me back to my mom's house asking to bring dowry, after aadi month on 22/08/2016 I got back to his house , I felt his actions suspicious that night , around 11 or 11.30 his mom forced me to drink a glass of milk after which I felt unconscious. The time i got up should be around 2 or 2.30 am I found him taking a video of me and found myself nude but husband was completely dressed, I had severe pain as if I had intercouse. When I asked my husband the video he and his mom thrashed me saying that I m mad and assuming things, my husband took the video n left home immediately and brought his brother to kill me , mean while I called 100 and they rescued me, I took treatment in government hospital and filled a complaint in w-35 tambaram women's police station, but inspector over they is asking me 2 lakhs to file fir as my husband as given a lakh . She is also threatening me to vacate his house, I have the call recording of it. Now I am helpless it's already 10 days now but no fir filed. Please help me sir.