Fake allegation of Dowry Before Marriage.

The Bride's family came up with marriage proposal. First time parents of groom saw the bride. nd they told to bride's father in few days groom is coming to home from work place. He and ur daugher will meet face to face if both of them agree with for this marriage then we talk further for preparation of marriage andwhen grooms family is leaving from there then bride's father gave clothes and rs50,001 /- as a shagun .... Father of groom refused to take this nd told them ..we didn't say yes first let them to meet then we will accept this shagun but any how by force bride's father gave this to groom's father.... Now situation is that groom nd bride meet up in front of all members of family .. Groom are not ready with this marriage because he have there own view of rejection... when groom's father contact to bride's father on phone and told them SORRY GROOM SAY NO FOR THIS MARRIAGE AND THE GIFT (SHAGUN) GAVE TO US WE WILL RETURN TO U IN NEXT DAY.... after hearing this brides family shouted on the phone HOW U CAN REJECT THIS YOU GUYS AGREE ON THAT PROPOSAL AND GROOM HAVE TO MARRY WITH MY DAUGHTER ..... after this again and again on phone they threatening to groom's family ... one day with 10 mens they came to home and threatening groom's family ur boy have to marry with my daughter becz you accepted my proposal and gift ( bt here they change the amount of money which they gave to groom's father is rs 5 Lakhs intead of rs 50,001 and this gift amontu already returned to them) and again and agin they are calling............ Q. What to do in this situation against false claim ? Q. Can bride's family file a FIR or suit in court for Dowry before marriage ? Q.Can groom's father apply for anticipatory bail? Q. Police has power to arrest to Groom's family if opposite party file an FIR in police station ?