Rejection of Job application based on awaited result.

I applied for technical officer post in Power Finance Corporation(PFC) on 7 Dec14. The last date of application was 19 Dec14. Till then, the incomplete result was declared by the university on website dated 22 Sept14 was not updated; a copy of which was attached with my job application. It was showing awaited result in 1 practical subject only. Rest of the result was clear and meeting the criteria of PFC. The PFC advertisement clearly mentioned that computation of all the criteria will be done w.r.t 15 Dec14. The interviews were held in March 15 for the shortlisted candidates. I was not shortlisted because of the awaited status of the result in the submitted mark-sheet. But by the time interviews were held, complete results were declared in the university website with date of result declaration as 22 Sept 14 only. The PFC advertisement also states that the date of declaration of result/ issuance of mark-sheet shall be deemed to be the date of acquiring the qualification. Had I been given a chance to appear in the interview, I would have produced all the documents including the mark-sheet. I feel that injustice was done to me by The PFC and want to put a case against them in this matter. Can I file a case against them for not giving me proper chance of appearing in the interview despite meeting all the criteria or Is their basis of rejection i.e. "result showing awaited status" is valid?