Property transfer and sale - Reg

Good Morning. My adoptive father married a woman 1980and she desserted him on 1995 . After my adoptive father death 2006, she is claming all death benefits and property he had. I Filed a case against her and the case is going on in the court to prove that she is not legal wedded wife because she married a person before my adoptive father and having a female child from the previous marriage. As of now she is not having any documents related my adoptive father to get legal heirship. But I got legal heirship from the tahsildar with all my adoption and documents. Added to that I am using all my property of my adoptive father because she is lost for more than 15 years. 1. Relating to Property?? 1. Can I sell the property of adoptive father such as land , home or any things with my legal sucession?? 2. Suppose if she get the share in the case , am I need to answer the court for selling the property without her consent in future? 3. My adoptive father does not have any child. Suppose if the woman dies after certain period , will the property transferred to me or her brother son ?? I am in doubt . Please educate me and suggest me what to do in this regard.