Threaten to discontinue common services like water & electricity

Hi, I have been paying my dues regularly. During my renovation of flat they have consistently troubled us with reasons like provide letter for permission even after providing it multiple times and approval. Each time they have either asked for more information or due to time frame of work being longer than 3 months. They have allegated us of using the elevators for debris (which is incorrect in first place). But does it hold any legal ground? They have locked the telephone junction box and also disconnected my premises telephone lines. Post which the box lock has been removed by the telephone service providers. The decision to lock the junction box was not discussed or decided in any general body meeting. Is it legal to have that decision outside general body? Is junction box of a telephone provider a common facility? They have removed the domestic help from association and held them from entering the premises for working on other flats. The maid who was working in my house had lost her job not just from association but also 5 other flats as she was denied permission to enter the premises. Is this not violation of labor law, human rights? Is the association permitted to do so? Now they have put our name on the notice board when we lodged police complaints against these harassment. Is this not defamation? Please help