childs custody in pregnancy

Hi, During my 3rd month pregnancy, I was under bed rest due to some complication. Me and my husband were living together, and my mother had also come to take care of me as I need bed rest. One day, my husband and I had fight about his sister and brotherinlaw, and in anger he packed his belongings and left to his parents place. My mother was already a patient and was new to the place, we had no safety. We thought he would return next day , but he didn't. I waited for 4 days and we called him many times, but he never answers. I informed him and left to my mothers place. Now it has been one month, but still there is no communication from him. I am in 5th month now and decide to apply for divorce. This was not a single problem, I was suffering a lot with him from past 2yrs though ours is a love marriage. I should say that all was because of his parents who were not interested in me as I come from another caste. And they started blackmailing him with emotions and sentiments. There was a day when I also tried to suicide, but was not success. I think, instead of committing suicide, asking for divorce is a better option. Now I am worried of my child. Can he claim for the custody? My only hope for living is my unborn child. I am working women, and I can survive without any financial problem. I also have support from my parents. So can you please clarify on my child's custody. Thanks for understanding , appreciate your response.