Divorce from intolerable wife

Hi, I am 36 years male, married for now 8 years with two kids aged 6 & 3 Years. I have reconcilable differences with my spouse and want divorce. It all started post marriage with minor issues and has escalated into now serious proposition. from altercation to domestic violence it has seen all in last few months and our parents intervention also not helping us. She is adamant and now along with parents threatening to send me jail etc etc.... Her parents also support her and now they are forcing their way threatening that she will stay in your house only and as and she wish. Whatever the differences are - irrespective of who is right who is wrong, i just want to end this marriage and prime reason is our thinking does not matches. - is it good enough reason for divorce? - What are the negative consequences if I file the divorce petition? - Will it impact my employment ( we both are employed)? - How it will impact my child custody ( because we both want them)? - Will my old parents will get harassed by law authority due to our differences - ( fear false allegations against them by girl side)? - How much legal cost and time on an average a contested divorce case takes? Thank you for your guidance. A Disturbed Soul