Merging walls between flats

Hello sir i just bought a flat adjacent to my flat on the top floor(4th floor) of my building and i wish to merge them, i have consulted an architect for the same, he assured that no damage would be done to beams and columns and also he gave his approval on removing the wall as it's a non load bearing wall.He also told me that it would be helpful for the building as it would take some weight off it however my society is not approving my permission for the same and asking me to show a bmc certificate for breaking the wall. Years ago a member was allowed to break the wall in between his flats, however he only wanted to break 4ft of wall and i want to break the complete wall without damaging beams and columns.After a little reading on the internet i came across the link (at the end) which states that there's no need to take permission from bmc for the above work.I want to know what can be done here, should i break the wall or not, what legal actions can the society take against me if i break the wall.I would really appreciate your help on this matter Thank you