Home loan - emi

Hello Sir, I have take a home loan from Repco home finance Ltd. in Jan 2014, I have been paying the amount regularly. In 2015 due to some severe health issues in the family, 2 EMI's were not paid. However, now the payment is getting deducted regularly from my account. These 2 EMI's plus additional penalty charges on these are being calculated to the tune of Rs. 60000(Sixty Thousand) by the bank and we are being told that the loan will become NPA if we don't regularize the same.We had made payments of big amount(Rs.30000, Rupees Thirty Thousand) to cover this deficit. However the bank is not providing us enough clarity and their statement is also very confusing. I have two question regarding this situation 1. Is this a right practice by the bank, as we have been paying regularly and yet they are troubling us saying the loan is going to become an NPA 2. Is there a facility in India to recalculate home loan and reduce the the EMI taking into consideration human aspects. Your response is much awaited. Thanks a lot for being so easily accessible to common public. Jai Hind Aditi Aryan