Not accepting material evidence by member in a tribunal chennai

Espected sir, as advotes were on strike and as my advocates did not file the evidences and oa correctly in central administrative tribunal i appeared a s pip and pleaded. the member did not listen to my plea .the member did not accept the vital evidences i dictated the order to steno on the final hearing day itself immediately after my plea cutting it short.. np separate pronounce was made usually by this member.the member told i should have sat it the second row .only when my case is called i shoud come to ist case was at sl no. 10.within 15 minutes it came to hearing after the member j dismissed many cases for default. the other member a is silent.can i complain against non perusal of evidences non it compulsory pip should sit in witness seats not with advocates. i wore a light blue full hand shirt. is there any restriction for cat book nothing is prescribed.the member obstructed me from getting justice as acontempt of court.can i file and how against the judge contempt case. thank you sir