Mental harrasment at work place

HI, I am a 28 yr old man. I have been working with an IT company from past 6 years. The company is amongst the top 10 IT companies of the world. I was sent onsite to USA 3 years back at client location, august 2013 to be precise. I had a relationship with one of my female colleague before i came onsite(USA). After coming onsite, due to some circumstances the relationship ended. On April 2014 she filed a sexual harrasment complain against me, in which i came out clean. I was given a green flag by my company with future warning. The last mail which i got from my company, they shifted the case title from 'sexual harrasment' to 'MISBEHAVIOUR'. During the investigation process of the complaint i was badly harrased, with loads of mental pressure and trauma from the management and the human resource team.I was even told that in such cases the girl is always right and was even misbehaved stating that my career would be at stake. Before this case happened, i was one of the top performer of the company with excellent star ratings. But,after all of this, i have notice that my company's perspective has changed towards me and they are biased as well when it comes to me. That girl has already left the company when the decision was in my power. I dont want take any legal actions against her BUT want to file a case against the company for all the mental and career loss i am facing since then. As i am still working for the same company, what kind of lawsuit or case can i file against the company which makes my chances of justice more profitable??